General Rules

Amherst Community is property owned by Homeowners.

Guest: Must always be respectful of the neighborhood and its residents. If not the homeowner/s as well as the guest can be fined.

 There is a noise compliance law in effect.

 Amherst adheres to the County of Chesterfield

****A parent or guardian must accompany children under the age of 10 years.*****

CAUTION: Young children in Amherst must be supervised.

 Walking pets: Please keep your pets on a leash and clean up after your pets.

 Security: Please be vigilant. If you see or hear something suspicious, please call 911 and inform your president. We do have neighborhood watch to enhance Amherst’s’ security, and the police patrols throughout the day and night, and knowing each other as a community of neighbors and volunteers.

 Lost and Found: If articles are found in the neighborhood, they will be put in the trash, unless it is of value then we will post on the website with information about who to contact to retrieve it.

 Basketballs: Please do not leave basketballs loose in the neighborhood after playing. No basketball hoops should be placed or kept in front of any house (can be put in your own backyard only).

 Please help keep Amherst clean: Treat the neighborhood as you would your own property. Do not hesitate to repair, clean, pick up something if necessary. Remember that any repairs or improvements to the neighborhood are either the result of workers paid with our dues or the result of Amherst resident volunteers.

 No pools are allowed in backyards without fences.

- Back yards: Fences can be put up but does need to be approved by the Committee first.

** Please seek approval from AHOA’s Board/Committee prior to erecting structures or making other alterations to fences and/or the exterior of your property. For a small project, please submit a hand-drawn sketch that indicates the height and other dimensions as well as the location on your lot, and the materials to be used for construction.**

** For modifications to your house or garage, more formal architectural or engineering drawings may be required. Submissions can be given to your any Board Member or mailed to the PO Box.**

Please Maintain Your Property

Please mow, edge and undertake other yard maintenance, as well as paint and maintain your house and other structures, fence, mailbox, and driveway as needed. Residents are also expected to abide by the Chesterfield County codes concerning maintenance and use of their private property. Community

 No use of basketball courts after 10:00 p.m. AHOA is subject to the County Noise Ordinance.

 “If children under the age of 15 are out, they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian after 10:00 p.m. (Sunday – Thursday) or 11:00 p.m. (Friday & Saturday). For their own safety.”

When walking your pet, dog or cat, in the park, please keep your pet on a leash and clean up after your pet.

 Group Use Policy – if a resident wishes to host a party/group (10 or more non-residents) prior notification should be given to AHOA President and the Group Use Policy adhered to. Groups are not to exceed 25 non-residents including children. As a courtesy you may want to let your immediate neighbors know of your event.

 Please help keep the community clean. Please pick up litter, your own or any you find. Please treat the community as you would your own property don’t hesitate to repair, clean, or pick up something if it needs it. Remember that any repairs or improvements to the community are either the result of workmen paid with our dues or the result of Amherst Homeowners/ residents volunteering their time.


 No loitering by homeowners or visitors in the community.

 Trash or debris should be picked up and placed in a trash can.

 Nothing other than a motor vehicle is to be parked or placed in the community.

 Unused and/or junk motor vehicles are not to be parked in the community or stored in the neighborhood. A vehicle is considered to be stored in the neighborhood if it remains longer than two week without being driven and/or has expired tags or is damaged or doesn’t work.

Boats, Trailers, Recreational Vehicles

 Boats and trailers are not permitted unless stored in a garage. Recreational vehicles, (RVs), and motor homes are not permitted to park on the streets, driveways or lots, unless the RV is housed in the existing garage and not visible from the street. However, as a temporary condition such vehicles may be parked overnight on the street or driveway for a period not to exceed 7 consecutive days or 14 days per calendar year. Trash Collection

 Brush and bulky objects (such as tree limbs, shrubbery, bagged leaves, furniture, appliances, and mattresses, i.e., items that will not fit in the trash wheel-cart) are collected from the front curb of each resident’s property. These must be placed at the front curb of your home. You may contact your trash service to see when these items are collected. Normal trash pickup day is on Tuesdays. Trash cannot be put out prior to 9pm the night before and cans have to be removed from the street by 9pm on trash day. There is a fine for violations.

 The grey trash wheel-cart must be used for the weekly trash pick-up. The blue wheel-cart is used for recyclable materials. Trash and recycled materials are picked up on Tuesdays. Please store both wheel-carts back away from the street, (adjacent to or behind the front of your house), during non-trash / recycle collection days.


Please do not display signs other than:

 Advertising your property for sale or rent, (a sign of not more than five square feet), or Promoting a garage sale, (not more than five square feet and is not displayed for more than 7 consecutive days).

 Signs indicating involvement in a school activity, (not more than five square feet). Security

 Please be vigilant. If you see something suspicious please call 911 and let your President or Vice President know.

 Young children should not be left unsupervised in the neighborhood. Children should be supervised.

 Amherst has Police officers that live here and patrols random evenings.

 Amherst also has a “Neighborhood Watch” program composed of Homeowners who volunteer their time to patrol the streets. If this is of interest to you, please consider becoming a volunteer.

Amherst HOA is a member-run organization, administered by a Board of Committee Members comprised of neighbors who are committed to the wellbeing of our residents and our community. Amherst works best when many members are involved. Please consider volunteering to help in some capacity of running AHOA.