Community Info

Association Dues

Association dues are always due by January 31st of every year.

If you are having a problem paying your Homeowners' Association annual dues,
please Contact the President or Vice President at 804-704-7874 for assistance before
February 15th.  
Failure to do so by the due date may results in late payment fees,
court liens and possible wage garnishments

Let's remember our Neighborhood Watch is our best defense.  If you see anything suspicious
PLEASE report it by calling the non emergency police line (804-748-1251) first.
There has been criminal activity close to our vicinity.  
Let's watch out for one another and our children.
Thank you to everyone who help.

Please visit the website below to find out what violent offenders are close to our area.  
Stay alert and help keep our Kids Safe as well as our Community.

Reminder Speed Limit is 25 mph

Slow down!! The speed limit is 25mph
Speeders will be reported, please tell your visitors.

    If anyone has any ideas or suggestions that would assist in bringing the community
    and it’s residents closer together, please contact a board member with your ideas or
    you may send an email to  The Amherst Community
    belongs to all of us. The community will be as good as the people who live here.
    All of us must do our part to keep Amherst a great place to live.
    The community is always in need of volunteers, so please volunteer when you can.
    You don’t have to wait to be asked. If you can’t volunteer, then be a good neighbor
    and maintain your property and enjoy your home and friends here in Amherst.

Children Watch - Children at play:

Drivers:  Please be careful, our children are playing in the streets.  
Parents please be mindful of where your children are.  
We want all of our children in our subdivision to be safe.


If anyone is in violation of the school buses (driving on the side of the bus,
backing up down the street, passing a stopped school bus, just to name a few) your
information (tag# color make and model of your vehicle) will be taken down
and given to the authorities with date and time of incident.

County Ordinances

    Please be reminded to clean up after your pets.  Some complaints have been received
    from residents regarding this and it is in violation of the Chesterfield County
    ordinances.  Continual violation of this ordinance can result in Animal Control being
    notified and pets being removed.


    There have been complaints of loud music late at night. Chesterfield County has a
    noise ordinance code that is enforced.  If there is a complaint and the police are
    called, a noise ordinance violation will be issued and the offender will be fined.